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The easiest way to get your kids excited for a visit to Washington, DC is to let them help plan it and spark their curiosity before you even leave…we help you do just that.

Virtual Tour Directory

Discover FREE virtual tours on our map and get familiar with DC before you even step foot here.

Collaborative Family Road Trip Planner

Explore attractions in Washington, DC through virtual tours and games, then add them to your road trip bucket list. Your kids will love to help! (coming in 2023)

Escape Games

Learn before you go by solving true mysteries while exploring real places in our 360° environment.

Scavenger Hunt

Visit places IRL with our unique scavenger hunt + self-guided tour designed with families in mind. Works well on-location or remote! (coming soon)

Popular Virtual Tour:

Show Me the Money!

Did you know our money teaches US history? Learn about the people and places on our dollar bills from $1 to $100, know how to spot a fake, and visit 8 places in Washington, DC related to money on this 360° virtual tour. 

Show Me the Money Start Here
ER Who damaged the Memorial Cover

Recently Added Escape Game:

What Damaged the Memorial?

Can you figure out what memorial was damaged and how it happened before time runs out and you’re thrown in jail? Find hidden clues, complete puzzles, and work together to solve this real life mystery in our 360° virtual escape game based in Washington, DC.

Popular LIVE Events

Can’t visit in person? Explore Washington, DC VIRTUALLY during our LIVE events. You even have a chance to win prizes!

James Smithson

Tour & Trivia LIVE

Go on a virtual tour or escape game before the event, come prepared to answer trivia questions about it in this exciting event in a quiz show format held over Zoom.

*Also available on-demand or as a private party.

(coming in 2023)

James Smithson

Scavenger Hunts LIVE

Scavenger Hunts…part scavenger hunt part self-guided tour!

We provide a map of mystery locations and clues of what to look for filled with fun stories, behind-the-scenes information, and activities to extend learning.

Our Scavenger Hunt Tours are specifically geared toward the young and the young-at-heart who enjoy the thrill of discovery.

*Also available on-demand.

(coming in 2023)

James Smithson

Escape Games LIVE

Race against other teams to solve the mystery and escape the game the fastest. Nothing to print or prepare! All stories and facts are 100% real and true.

*All you need is a pencil and paper for notes.

(coming in 2023)

Meet Some Happy Explorers

Reviews are from our Outschool classes where we offer LIVE virtual tours and escape rooms for kids.

What a great class (maybe even my favorite Outschool class so far)! My son (8 yrs) had so much fun exploring the secret messages and hints on the dollar notes and exploring a few of the D.C. Monuments. I registered him for the class because we’ll travel to D.C. very soon and he is even more excited now to explore the city…


Show Me the Money Start Here
My daughter really enjoyed this class. She has been to DC and loved to link her knowledge with a lot of fun and interesting facts from the class. She enjoyed trying to solve the puzzles and found the teacher to be really helpful and friendly! She’d definitely do another class with this teacher!

Moira B.

ER Whos Buried on the National Mall cover compressed 1

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Cool stories, fun facts, weird holidays, and interesting places to visit to spark your curiosity.

Smithsonian Reopening Schedule

Smithsonian Reopening Schedule

Most Smithsonian museums in DC will reopen to their seven-day schedule by Memorial Day! 🎉   Here's their reopening schedule:   *Monday, April 4* National...

Fala, a Dog Statue in Washington, DC

Fala, a Dog Statue in Washington, DC

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC — Photo by chiyacatMeet Fala, FDR's Dog There have been countless dogs and cats as pets in the White House...