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What are we missing? Help Us Make THE Ultimate Family Map of the National Mall

By Caroline M. Harper | January 18, 2020

We’ve been thinking… we know it’s hard going to a new city to visit without the inside scoop. It’s especially hard when you’re toting kids around, outside in the elements, to as many attractions as…

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Superstitions and Clues to Life on the Home Front at the World War II Memorial in DC

By Alysia D.P. Malmström | January 18, 2020

My boys must have already worn a look of boredom when we walked up to the World War II Memorial.  As we approached the memorial from the Washington Monument, a kind Honor Flight Network volunteer…

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Marian Anderson singing at Lincoln Memorial 1939

Step Back in Time with Marian Anderson Singing at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939

By Caroline M. Harper | January 11, 2020

“Whoa, did you feel that?! You just traveled back to the year 1939!” As my kids and I ducked under some trees to find relief from the hot sun, we stood next to the Reflecting…

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite! Tips for Going to the Blossom Kite Festival in Washington, DC

By Alysia D.P. Malmström | January 8, 2020

Every spring Washington, D.C. celebrates spring’s arrival with the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  The Blossom Kite Festival is part of that amazing celebration. If you or your children need a little extra encouragement to see…

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girl holding butterfly in washington, dc

Dreams Come True at the Butterfly Pavilion at the National Museum of Natural History

By Caroline M. Harper | January 3, 2020

My daughter is the “Nature Girl” in our family and dreamed of holding a butterfly. Thankfully, this is an easy dream to fulfill when you live near Washington, DC! One Tuesday in the middle of…

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3 Facts about D-Day to Share with Your Kids at the World War 2 Memorial in Washington, DC

3 Fascinating Facts about D-Day to Share with Your Kids at the World War 2 Memorial in Washington, DC

By Caroline M. Harper | December 30, 2019

I found myself calling out to my husband and kids, “Hey, did you know….?!” We all marveled at the ingenuity and bravery of the Allied leaders and soldiers as they stormed the beaches of Normandy. The book gave a quick, but rather thorough, overview of why World War II started and the countries involved. It helped me understand for the first time all of the circumstances that necessitated D-Day and the immense planning that went into it. This would be a good book to read before visiting the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.

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Can You Find the Smithsonite? Free Printable for the Natural History Museum

By Caroline M. Harper | November 30, 2019

Are you visiting the National Museum of Natural History on our National Mall soon? Interested in visiting the Gems and Minerals Hall, but you’re not really sure how you’re going to get your kids to…

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Ghandi Statue in Washington, DC

Why it’s Taken Me So Long to Start a Blog (& How George Mason Gave Me the Push I Needed)

By Caroline M. Harper | November 18, 2019

First I must address the elephant in the room…yes, I know that top image is NOT George Mason, haha. Ghandi was, however, another inspiration leader I “met” in DC who helped me decide to start…

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Who Started the Smithsonian Institute blog post image

Who Started the Smithsonian Institute? An Introduction to the Smithsonian on the National Mall

By Caroline M. Harper | November 18, 2019

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Smithsonian Institute and you may even have visited one of its many world-class museums, galleries, or zoo in Washington, DC, but do you know how it came to be?!…

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Can You Find Mary Cassatt’s Painting? Free Kid’s Printable for the National Gallery of Art

By Caroline M. Harper | November 17, 2019

While homeschooling my kids, we studied about the painter, Mary Cassatt, and other Impressionist painters. I especially loved how my children could relate to many of her paintings, such as “The Child’s Bath”, “Children Playing…

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