3 More Destinations Added to Our Places to Visit in Washington, DC with Kids

Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC — Photo by Wirestock

Visiting DC with your family can be hectic IF you don’t know what to expect. We know what it’s like to wrangle kids, from toddlers on up to teenagers while touring. Sometimes just having “inside information”, like knowing that there will be a bathroom and shaded bench to enjoy a snack on once you get there can make all the difference.

This is why we’ve put all this pertinent information in one place for you. Everything that a parent needs to know to plan a successful visit to Washington, DC. 

Of course we include hours, location, and different modes of transportation to get there, but we also make sure to include where the stroller entrances are, the closest bathroom (you gotta know where ALL the bathrooms are while potty training!), fun activity suggestions to capture the kids’ attention, and more!

We’ve recently added Arlington National Cemetery, the brand new World War I Memorial, and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial to our Places to Visit page.

See all 10 locations we’ve completed so far, with many more to come.

Written by: Caroline M. Harper
I create fun interactive virtual tours and escape rooms for kids by curating the best stories and facts that spark their curiosity. I started the Field Trip Club in 2011 to help families make stress-free memories together.

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