We know what it's like to scour the local "what's happening" calendars only to end up exhausted with a mile long list of possibilities, but no concrete plans.

We help you spend that same time and energy actually getting out of the house and going on exciting family field trips and tours, so that you create lasting memories with your kids. NO PLANNING required!

If you love educational, interactive experiences with your kids, then you're in good company!

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 I'm Caroline, a curious mom who loves to learn new things WITH my kids. I love interactive, educational family learning experiences and love to share what I'm learning with others. I'm so glad you're here!

The Field Trip Club

 In June 2011, I was pregnant with my third child who was due in late August. I knew I'd be tempted to stay in cool air-conditioned buildings all summer, if I didn't come up with a plan. I really wanted to get my 3 and 5 year old out of the house and exploring new places in fun, interactive ways, so I emailed some friends and offered to plan weekly field trips if they'd just show up. I knew I'd make myself go if other people were expecting me to be there!

It worked and we had so much fun that first summer going strawberry picking, visiting the National Zoo, and touring a recycling center, that we have just kept doing it every summer since. Click here to see where all we've gone.

 Fast forward to 2017, I now have 4 kids ranging in age from 3-11 years old and I decide to become a licensed tour guide for Washington, DC! I've had so much fun planning field trips that I wanted to create and lead hands-on, interactive tours for families with younger children.

After spending hundreds of hours completing a professional tour guide training program, life had other plans for me and I needed to go back to work full-time in 2018 to help support my family. I continue to have friends and family ask me where to go when visiting DC, especially with children, so this is my way to share my knowledge and stay connected with the Field Trip Club which had grown to over 500 members!

The Field Trip Club Blog

Since I can't plan the number of trips I used to (we do offer occasional field trips during the summer months), I am now focusing on sharing the stories and fascinating facts behind the monuments, museums, and memorials in the Washington, DC area, to help encourage and inspire you to take your own family field trips!

This blog is a place to share family-friendly itineraries infused with hands-on activities that will help create lasting memories for you and your family. Our printables share intriguing stories that kids love, helpful talking points for parents, and activities to keep your kids' curiosities peaked and energy up as you explore our nation's capital!

Our goal is to BANISH THE BORING, so you should enjoy creating family memories WITHOUT the stress.

Sounds nice, right?

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My kids woke up at 0 dark 30 this morning, just to make sure we left on time! Haha.

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Thanks again!!! That was a perfect day with you guys! Sooo glad we went.

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A huge thank you to you for organizing today's trip!! We enjoyed ourselves! 🙂 Nice meeting you too!

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Once again you took care of the logistics and made things easy, which I so appreciate, having young children.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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You inspired them today! We had a good time. The kids said the shark story was their favorite.

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I enjoyed the trips you organized. They were by far my fave!

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We'll send you printables AND interesting stories with family field trip ideas in the Washington, DC/MD/VA area.