If you love learning through hands-on interactive activities with your kids, but need a little push to actually get out the door, then you're in good company!

You can go on exciting field trips and tours that both you and your kids will enjoy without the stress of planning even if scouring the local "what's happening" calendars usually result in a long list of possibilities, but no actual adventures out of your house.

Our field trips and tours are like a really good kids movie that even the adults enjoy.

Caroline M Harper


 I'm Caroline and I need help getting myself out of the house.

I LOVE exploring new places and learning new things, especially when I can make these discoveries with my family and friends, but I do it much more often when I know someone's expecting me to be there...and that's exactly how the Field Trip Club started!

In June 2011, I was pregnant with my third child who was due at the end of August and I knew if I wasn't careful, I wouldn't do anything that summer except sit in the air conditioning all day! So, I decided some self-imposed peer pressure was in order.

I emailed some friends, offered to coordinate one field trip a week, and asked if they'd join me. Just knowing that others were meeting me on those field trips made all the difference. We went and had a blast! 

It was too much fun to stop, so every summer we did it again and again.

Years later, I now have 4 kids, word about our events have spread and our club has grown! Our field trips have gotten even better, and I became a professional licensed tour guide for Washington, DC! I'm like a curator of awesome family experiences, BUT I still need that accountability to get myself out of the house!

If you enjoy fun moments WITH your kids creating lasting family memories WITHOUT the stress, join us!

I look forward to meeting you!

~ Caroline

See what our members are saying:

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My kids woke up at 0 dark 30 this morning, just to make sure we left on time! Haha.

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Thanks again!!! That was a perfect day with you guys! Sooo glad we went.

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A huge thank you to you for organizing today's trip!! We enjoyed ourselves! 🙂 Nice meeting you too!

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Once again you took care of the logistics and made things easy, which I so appreciate, having young children.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Field Trip Club on a Annapolis Harbor Cruise


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Talk to you soon!

~ Caroline

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