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Posts by Caroline M. Harper

Can You Find Mary Cassatt’s Painting? Free Kid’s Printable for the National Gallery of Art

Kid's Printable Activity for the National Gallery of Art: Mary Cassatt

While homeschooling my kids, we studied about the painter, Mary Cassatt, and other Impressionist painters. I especially loved how my children could relate to many of her paintings, such as “The Child’s Bath”, “Children Playing on the Beach”, and “Little Girl in a Blue Armchair”. While planning our trip to see some of her paintings…

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How to Build Your Private Art Collection in Your Head

Art becomes yours when you look at it.

My final project in my Professional Tour Guiding program for Washington, DC was to create a 1.5 hour tour. I knew I wanted to make my tour an interactive, hands-on tour that families with young children would all enjoy. I wanted it to be like a really good children’s movie, that even the adults genuinely…

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6 Strategies for Enjoying a Museum with Your Kids

I have become my father*…I remember visiting the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washinton, DC as a 10 year old, walking sssllloooowly behind my dad as he read aaalll the words on all the little signs in front of each of the dioramas…and back then, there were A LOT of uninteresting dioramas in…

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