Can You Find the Smithsonite? Free Printable for the Natural History Museum

Are you visiting the National Museum of Natural History on our National Mall soon? Interested in visiting the Gems and Minerals Hall, but you’re not really sure how you’re going to get your kids to go without complaining?!

How to Get Your Kids Excited About the Gems and Minerals Hall in Washington, DC.

If you just said yes to the last two questions, you have the same problem I did a couple of years ago! I ended up taking six kids, SIX, to the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals in the National History Museum ALL BY MYSELF and they had a blast. Not only did we go, but they were really interested…”Ooh”ing and “Aww”ing ensued, I swear.

I sent my kids and their friends on a Mineral Treasure Hunt!

I challenged them to find Smithsonite, the mineral discovered by the founder of the Smithsonian Institute, James Smithson.

Free Printable for the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC

What’s Inside this Free Printable?

It always nice to find free printable resources, but I always like to know what I’m downloading first, so here’s what you’ll be getting…

  • A treasure map of the Natural History Museum, so they can follow the path right to the exhibit hall!
  • Clues to what Smithsonite looks like.
  • Fascinating facts about James Smithson and the Smithsonite he discovered.
  • An area for your kids to draw any gem or mineral they find beautiful. This will buy you a little extra time, so YOU can enjoy the hall too! Don’t forget your colored pencils!

Click here to download “Can You Find the Smithsonite” Printable now!

Written by: Caroline M. Harper
I create fun interactive virtual tours and escape rooms for kids by curating the best stories and facts that spark their curiosity. I started the Field Trip Club in 2011 to help families make stress-free memories together.

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