Colors of the rainbow Road Trip Game

We were on a long roadtrip a couple of years ago when we ran out of games to play. The Alphabet Game had lost its luster and Uno had been overplayed, but we didn’t want to default to screens just yet.

I had a 5, 7, 10, and 13 year old to entertain, so we made a new game on the fly. We call it the Colors of the Rainbow game and play it like this…

How to Play the Colors of the Rainbow Car Game

RED – everyone looks around and calls out something that is red, inside or outside the car is fine.

ORANGE – everyone looks around and calls out something that is orange and so on.

You do this for YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, and PURPLE…then you start again.

The second round is where it gets a little harder because you can’t use the same item twice.

It’s a simple game, but that’s why it worked so well, my 5 year old was just as competitive as my 13 year old since she knew all her colors.

Happy roadtripping!

Written by: Caroline M. Harper
I create fun interactive virtual tours and escape rooms for kids by curating the best stories and facts that spark their curiosity. I started the Field Trip Club in 2011 to help families make stress-free memories together.

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