Want to Write for the Field Trip Club?


We are looking for people interested in writing posts about their family visits to Washington, DC while highlighting their itineraries and travel tips, interesting stories, facts, and/or character lessons related to the attractions you visited that will help parents know what will spark their kids’ curiosity while visiting our nation’s capital!

If you’re interested in writing for us, please send check out our guidelines below and submit your post! Please email me at caroline@fieldtripclub.com if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Why Contribute to Field Trip Club?

  • Every post on our blog includes a bio which can link back to your blog, Facebook page, website, etc.
  • We share every post on our social media channels and to our club email list. (Although some of our social media profiles are just getting started, we expect them to consistently grow over time!)
  • We re-share posts on our social media channels throughout the year.
  • Once you’ve been published, you’ll have the option of joining our Contributors Email List, where you will receive occasional requests for articles on specific subjects or the opportunity to submit a quote in an article we’re working on.

Our Vision and How You Can Help

We’re working to be the ultimate guide for families looking for fun family trip ideas with an educational bend. We want this site to be a written by a community of mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, tour guides, and more who are looking to share their experiences and knowledge with others, so that they can enjoy the Washington, DC area too!

The Field Trip Club’s Guiding Principles summed up in these two quotes:

Knowledge Begins in Wonder

Children’s Room at the Smithsonian Castle

Celebrate with your family in the beautiful land of life.

Albert Einstein

Travel Experiences with Tips and Itineraries – Share your experience visiting an attraction in the Washington, DC area.

• Did you do anything special while preparing to visit that you’d recommend – books, movies, games, etc. that your children particularly enjoyed?

• What are your tips for visiting this specific place

• What is the suggested itinerary that your family liked, possibly including an iconic or local favorite restaurant?

• Include kids ages or recommended ages for specific locations.

• What can be learned at a location?

• Did you do anything special while preparing to visit that you’d recommend – books, movies, games, etc. that your children particularly enjoyed?

Story or Fascinating Facts about Attractions – We’re mainly interested in sharing stories that will fascinate and spark curiosity in kids to wonder and THINK. Stories can be found everywhere…

• What historical significance does this location have? What happened here? Who visited here?

• Is there are particular piece of this memorial/home/land/area or a piece of architecture that has a story behind it?

• Why is this particular artifact in the museum?

• Is there an interesting story as to how this artifact came to this museum?

• What unseen or easy-to-miss element has a fascinating story behind it?

• What discoveries happened there?

• Who used to live here? Children? What were their ages? What did they do?

• Why is this monument or memorial important? What were the events that led to it?

• What symbolism is included in the monument or memorial? Are there any significant quotes or sayings etched?

• What can you NOT see anymore? (Such as the canals in downtown Washington, DC.)

• What values can we pull out of these stories, what do they teach? Can you provide suggested scripts or prompt questions to get parents and kids talking?

Writing Guidelines

Here are the post guidelines we like to see in our published blog posts. Although we may have many different contributors, it’s very important that we keep a consistency to our blog posts, so we highly suggest that you keep these items in mind while drafting your post.

  1. Suggested word count is 350-1000 words, please be detailed, but concise.
  2. Short paragraphs/no long blocks of text are best. Please avoid run-on sentences.
  3. Minimal links within the body of the blog post. A few are fine as long as they are to helpful, reputable sources that benefit the reader; we reserve the right to remove or replace links inside the body of the post.
  4. We’re looking for detailed and unique content. All submissions must be original and not posted elsewhere. We will check submitted content through plagiarism checking software.
  5. Spelling and grammar errors should be corrected BEFORE submission.
  6. ALL sources must be attributed and hyperlinked – this includes images.
  7. We happily provide featured images, but encourage liberal photos within the post. We encourage you to send us photos from your visit.
  8. DO NOT include any images that originated as stock photos. Using Stock images without paying for them can result in a large bill for any blog they are posted on.
  9. We think it goes without saying, but all posts should be G or PG-rated.

How to Submit

Send your post in a Microsoft Word document to caroline@fieldtripclub.com. Please remember to do the following:

  1. Use the following in your subject line: “Blog Submission: [Title of your post.]”.
  2. Attach any photos you give us permission to use in the blog post.
  3. Include a short bio of 50-60 words, you may include ONE link to your blog, tour guide profile, Facebook page, etc.
  4. Include the email address that is linked to your gravatar account.
  5. Only send one submission per email.

If we feel that your post is a good fit for the blog, we’ll contact you within a couple of weeks. We reserved the right to change your proposed title, add formatting and affiliate links before the post goes live. We may also edit for clarity, grammar, and overall style. If major changes are made, we will always ask you to review and approve it first.