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National Mall Model Kits

I’m working on the Lincoln Memorial Photo Scavenger Hunt and took a little detour this evening when I discovered that LEGO has a Landmark and Architecture Series which includes model kits for some of Washington, DC’s most iconic buildings!

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How to Build the Lincoln Memorial with LEGOs

Not only do you get to build the Lincoln Memorial, but this kit features a removable roof, so you can put the statue (included) inside! In addition to the building instructions, it comes with information on the design, architecture, and history of the building itself. What a fun way to learn about this memorial! Check the price on Amazon.

How to Build the US Capitol Building with LEGOs

This LEGO model is not for the faint of heart with over 1,000 pieces, but it’s built on the same scale as LEGO’s Lincoln Memorial kit and wouldn’t it be cool to create an entire National Mall in your living room?! Haha, ok, maybe that’s the geek in me coming out, but I think it sounds pretty cool.

Click here to check the price on Amazon. Also, click here for a compatible lighting kit to light up your US Capitol Building made of LEGOs!

US Capitol Paper Model

If you prefer saving your feet from stray LEGO bricks and working with paper, this alternative to the LEGO model suggests that it’ll give you 4 hours of fun! It’s so detailed that if you build this as a family before visiting Washington, DC you’ll definitely recognize different elements of the building once you’re walking around it in real life. No glue or tools required. Check the price on Amazon.

Washington Monument Model

Ok, so you’re living room replica of the National Mall won’t be complete without a Washington Monument. It’s the centerpiece of the Mall, but I couldn’t find a LEGO version and holy cow, this just may be for professionals only. It’s 4,500 pieces and you actually place each of the ceramic bricks on the Monument! Check it out here.

How to Build the White House with LEGOs

Although the White House isn’t technically on the National Mall, it would be a fun addition to your other models. The White House LEGO Kit includes a booklet with information about the design, construction, and history of the White House. It’s over 500 pieces, so may be better suited for older kids. Check the price on Amazon.

If you’re wanting a LEGO-free option, this is a White House kit by a company that is compatible with LEGO bricks. It has over 700 pieces though, so again, probably best suited for older kids. Check the price on Amazon.

White House Paper Models

Here are two highly reviewed paper models…one even lights up!

Check the price on Amazon (model on the left that lights up).
Check the price on Amazon (model on the right).

3D Puzzles of Washington, DC Landmarks

I love the idea of putting together models of the landmarks you plan to visit during your trip to DC. What a fun, hands-on way to learn. They’d also make great souvenirs to put together once you get home.

The Jefferson Memorial is on most itineraries, so you may want to grab that 3D puzzle here. If you like the idea of the 3D puzzle as an alternative to the LEGOs and paper models above, these three range in size from 35-64 pieces.

Click here to see the Jefferson Memorial puzzle on Amazon.
Click here to see the White House puzzle on Amazon.
Click here to see the Lincoln Memorial puzzle on Amazon.

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