This 360° virtual escape room is offered LIVE through Outschool. We are also finalizing on-demand virtual tour option.

It’s your last day in Washington, DC and you just got off the metro at the Smithsonian Metro station.

While riding the train, you heard that someone is buried on the National Mall! You desperately want to know more, but it’s already 4:30pm and you know that buildings will start to close at 5pm.

You only have 30 minutes to figure out who is it and where they’re buried.

Will you make it before closing time?

By the time your child solves the mystery, they’ll know more than most of the 25 million people who visit the National Mall each year. This is a unique escape room as it takes place in a 360° virtual environment on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Your child will be given access to the tour to look for clues and work as a team to solve the puzzles on their own computer.

*All clues and information given during this virtual tour / escape room are true and real. This is a super fun way to learn about the National Mall, 3 of the museums in the Smithsonian Institute and their must-see artifacts, 4 burial locations, and a few of the famous graves in Washington, DC. There are a total of 9 possible puzzles.

As a licensed tour guide in Washington, DC, I created this escape room as a fun way to learn by exploring our nation’s capital through 360° photos, sprinkled with a generous amount of old original photographs and paintings courtesy of the Library of Congress.

This truly is the next best thing to visiting in person, perhaps even better since we’re not bound by geography and walking between the museums!

Duration: 50 minutes
Age Groups: 11-15 year olds, 8-10 year olds

*8-10yo class clues have slightly less reading, and puzzles have been adjusted to reduce the amount of typing required. If you have an advanced 10 year old, you might consider this same class, but for 11-15 year olds.