This 360° virtually guided tour will be offered on-demand soon!

Learn about US history (Declaration of Independence through the Civil War) by examining the money you use every day! After taking this class, you’ll know all about the people and places on each of our dollar bills from $1 to $100. You’ll know why we have the money we have and you’ll know where to look for the hidden traps on real money, so you can spot a fake!

During our tour, we’ll visit 8 places in Washington, DC.: the Lincoln Memorial, White House (exterior only), Washington Monument, Alexander Hamilton statue, Jefferson Memorial, US Capitol (exterior only), Ulysses S. Grant statue, and the often-overlooked Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Whew, what a trip!

As a licensed tour guide in Washington, DC, your child will enjoy a professionally created tour exploring our nation’s capital through 360 photos, sprinkled with a generous amount of old original photographs and paintings courtesy of the Library of Congress. This truly is the next best thing to visiting in person, perhaps even better since we’re not bound by geography and walking between the memorials!

This 360° virtual tour combined with our Animal War Heroes tour (coming soon) covers our US History from the Revolutionary War to today. Your kids will love learning US history and this is a great way to prepare for your “in real life” visit to Washington, DC.

Duration: 60 minutes

Written by: Caroline M. Harper
I create fun interactive virtual tours and escape rooms for kids by curating the best stories and facts that spark their curiosity. I started the Field Trip Club in 2011 to help families make stress-free memories together.

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