Field Trip Club National Zoo in DC

The Summer Field Trip Club is back. Make sure to claim your 6 weeks of FUN all planned out for you at the bottom of this email.

Starting on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, and every week for six weeks, you’ll get an email from me containing a new fun fact or story about a location in Washington, DC along with a suggested activity and 360° tour.

I’ll be using a large coloring map of Washington, DC to color in as I go along.

Questions we’ll answer over the next six weeks…

👉 Who’s buried on the National Mall?

👉 Is the Washington Monument sinking?

👉 Did an alligator and a raccoon really live in the White House?

👉 Two memorials had a misspelled word engraved in their wall, which one was on purpose and which one wasn’t?

👉 Which memorial was shot during World War II?

👉 Who lost the U.S. Capitol’s silver-plated cornerstone?

Answer all the questions correctly at the end of the six weeks and you’ll be entered to win a prize! 😁

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