Washington, DC Virtual Tours

Our on-demand virtual tours provide step-by-step videos introducing each site where we share why it’s important, what to look for, and how each location relates to the others in the tour. We have set it up to allow you to explore each stop before moving on and even suggest fun activities to extend learning such as scavenger hunts, tongue twisters, and more.

Show Me the Money Start Here

A Virtual Tour of Washington, DC and U.S. History

Did you know our money teaches US history? After this class, your child will know the people and places on our dollar bills from $1 to $100, know how to spot a fake, and have visited 8 places in Washington, DC during our 360° virtual tour. (Declaration of Independence through the Civil War is discussed.)

Hidden History in Plain Sight cover

Hidden History in Plain Sight

Learn the stories behind the remnants of history on the National Mall in Washington, DC that most people walk by (or on top of!) every day without even noticing. Learn how to spot signs of hidden history in your own hometown.

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