What are we missing? Help Us Make THE Ultimate Family Map of the National Mall


We’ve been thinking… we know it’s hard going to a new city to visit without the inside scoop. It’s especially hard when you’re toting kids around, outside in the elements, to as many attractions as they can stand on your once-in-a-lifetime trip (or monthly trip) to Washington, DC.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the wisdom of other parents who have been to Washington, DC at your fingertips?

We want the Ultimate Family Map of the National Mall to Answer Questions Like…

  • Where is the closest bathroom?
  • What are the best attractions for your kids?
  • Where is the closest place to eat?
  • Which buildings require tickets to get in?
  • What side of the building has the entrance ramp?

We’d love to hear you’re opinion and what you think would make the best map of the National Mall for families. We’d love love love it if you filled out our ONE QUESTION questionnaire below. Leave your email below, so we can send you a copy once it’s complete!

Please complete the questionnaire, only ONE QUESTION is required.

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