Why it’s Taken Me So Long to Start a Blog (& How George Mason Gave Me the Push I Needed)

Ghandi Statue in Washington, DC

First I must address the elephant in the room…yes, I know that top image is NOT George Mason, haha. Ghandi was, however, another inspiration leader I “met” in DC who helped me decide to start this blog…keep reading and you’ll understand what I mean.

I’ve thought about having a blog on the Field Trip Club website for years. In fact, I tentatively started down the blogging path in 2014. I bought a nice camera, got the blog set up on the site, and set out on field trips with my kids. I’d already been running the the Field Trip Club for 3 years at that time, but now I was trying to document each field trip with the intent to “show” the field trip and the ideas I had used to extend my children’s learning through photos. If you’ve been around very long, you know I posted about 2 blog posts and then stopped. I didn’t like it…at. all.

I didn’t like my focus being on taking photos, or at least as many photos as I thought I’d needed to take and I didn’t like feeling like I needed to go on a field trip so I could “document” it. In short, I didn’t like that it felt like work and was distracting me from enjoying my time with my kids.

When I started to think about blogging again in 2017, I realized, I can do this any way I want! I don’t need to capture every moment with a camera, and the blog posts don’t even need to focus on my own family field trips! Which is great since most of my blog post ideas really started swirling that summer when completing my Professional Tour Guiding Class in Washington, DC! 

Why I Decided to Start this Blog

George Mason Memorial in Washington, DC

Me at the George Mason Memorial in Washington, DC during the summer of 2017.

I was giving my presentation to my tour guiding class at the George Mason Memorial and relating the story of how he refused to sign the new United States Constitution at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, because it allowed slave trade to continue and didn’t include a Bill of Rights. He was one of only three people to refuse and lost many friendships over it. I asked my kids who were there, “How do you think he felt? Have you ever lost a friend over a disagreement? Have you ever had to stand up for something you really believed in, even when it was hard?”

I absolutely loved that I was able to have a character lesson with my kids, but I never would have known that story if I hadn’t been studying to be a professional tour guide! I am an information hunter gatherer by design, but I have a horrible time remembering it all unless I put it to use right away. So often I find these amazing stories, but can’t recall them when I really want to…like when I take my kids to visit a monument or memorial!

So, I’ve decided to put the camera down, just enjoy the time while on my family field trips, and write down all the fun facts and amazing stories I find along the way, so when I do go visit with my kids, I can simply look it all up on this blog with character lessons, simple explanations kids can understand, and fun activities already done for me.

What will YOU get from this blog?

– You’ll get fascinating stories and facts about the monuments, memorials, and places around the Washington, DC area…just like you were on a tour with me!
– You’ll get fun family activities to do WITH your kids to banish the boredom and spark curiosity when visiting all that DC has to offer!
– You’ll get simple scripts to help your children relate to the person, place, or event that you’re visiting. It’s so important that we learn from the history around us, which is why there are monuments and memorials in the first place! They’re so much more than just the marble buildings and bronze statues.

I’ll do my best to blog consistently, so if you want the latest “news” and ideas, sign up for our email list and like our Facebook page.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Caroline

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